Our Programs

Children and Widows

 Since there are no social programs in Haiti and countries we serve that provide any kind of assistance to the needy, this responsibility of assisting both widows and orphans or needy children falls on the shoulders of churches and other humanitarian organizations.


While we understand it is a virtual impossibility to solve all of the problems that surround us, nevertheless it still challenges us to at least do our part concerning those with whom we are directly involved as we work with certain congregations or churches.  The leaders in these churches feel a great need as they witness the struggles of so many that are under their guidance, and they feel compelled to do something.  This is also a very significant part of our testimony within the communities where we are laboring.

Churches and Special Missions

In many areas we serve, there are a large number of very hard-working dedicated individuals doing their best to glorify the Lord; however, there has been a large vacuum of in-depth solid studies of the scriptures, so we have been working with these individuals by providing in-depth training, mentoring, and leading. 


In Haiti alone, we are working with leaders from about 12-15 different congregations in the central plateau region of Haiti. The preachers travel mostly by foot or small motorcycle when one is available. 

Employment in Haiti especially for the preacher is very minimal at best. Most of them work at whatever they are able to find that will generate some income to help support their families and ministries. The four main churches in Haiti with which we work with are located in Pignon, Bouquerone, St. Michele, and Labissenthe.

Economic Development

While we believe that "relief" efforts are necessary at times, we don't believe that continued "relief" efforts alone are the solution to moving Haiti forward.  We help the Haitian people to move beyond dependency to self-sufficiency by investing in education, vocational training, and self-sustaining projects.

We require the people involved to participate in all stages of projects from start to finish: planning, budgeting, implementing, and maintaining or further development. We believe this model will develop "independent" rather than a "dependent" people.

We help them identify and develop self-sustaining projects that will provide work and income to sustain individuals, families, communities, churches and the Children's Home(s).